Christmas Traditions Old + New

Image from Weekend Carnival Styling and Photography by Riikka

Image from Lotta Agaton

Image from Johanna Vintage Styling And Photography Johanna

Christmas is sneaking up again and for those of you who know me, you know that I am not really into a big Christmas tree kind of celebration. This is partly because Christmas in Australia where it’s 40 degrees is very different to celebrating Christmas at home in Sweden where it is -5 degrees and dark for most of the day! It is also because I prefer not to buy commercial decorations and presents…instead I like to recreate the happy memories from my childhood for my children. For me the traditions behind Christmas are far more important than the tree and the presents.

For my family and friends I like to create an Australian Christmas with a Nordic twist. Our front garden becomes the dining room with a long table on the lawn for us to all eat together. My sheep skins are laid on the chairs and stools, and fresh herbs from the garden are used on the table as decoration. I also like to decorate indoors with cuttings from the garden, using washi tape to hang them on the walls and tucking them into my gift wrapping. These simple touches of green remind me of a Christmas tree without actually needing to have a 3m tall real tree taking over our lounge room!

In terms of more traditional decorations – I have a 7 arm candle light positioned to light up one of our front windows. I know it may not be to everyones liking but for me it adds atmosphere and warmth making our home feel inviting and welcoming. Our main Christmas tree is a birch tree (of course!) and it brings me so much enjoyment to see the kids playing with the decorations! We also have a mini, real Christmas tree placed in a copper vase. Having two small children we feel this enough for them to appreciate and enjoy.

For my family it works to keep Christmas simple, I will decorate our table on the 24th and am really looking forward to watching it come to life when our family and friends join us to celebrate the year that has been and the one that is yet to come! I thought that I would share a few festive styling images with you that strike the perfect balance of paying homage to my heritage and also to my home here in Australia. I hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you!

Merry Christmas – Lollo

Image from Angel At My Table

Image from Seventy Nine Ideas Styling Glen Probestel

Image 1 from Weekend Carnival. Styling and Photography Riikka / Image 2 from Lotta Agaton / Image 3 from Johanna – Vintage / Image 4 from Angel At My Table  / Image 5 from Seventy Nine Ideas. Stying Glen Probestel