Decisions, Decisions


Three years ago – before my home was taken over by babies and family life – I chose this adorable wallpaper for the room I used for reading, watching movies and relaxing. Since then the room has been the dining room, my bedroom, and most recently my two-year-old daughter Imogen’s bedroom. Although the room may have changed, the wallpaper has been a constant.

I love the graphic as well as the soft-greyish-white background – not that dissimilar from my favourite paint colour, First Snow! I guess the mural reminds me of Sweden, my home. You can see the graphic from the street, and I love people’s reactions when they walk or drive past and think I have a real tree growing in my house!

As this room now belongs to Imogen, I’ve decided I would like something different and perhaps a little more child-friendly on the walls. Although the wallpaper is one of Imogen’s favourites – she loves pretending to climb it and often sits beneath it to read her books – it’s time for a change.

But what to choose! I don’t want the wallpaper to be too girly and babyish, but I do want it to inspire her creativity. I must admit, I’m tempted to choose a new design with a repeat of pastel colours and watercolour effect so I can wallpaper the entire room.  Or why not a mural with an adorable deer designs to remind her of her Scandinavian roots? Then (wishful thinking for her), she could colour it in. This might discourage her from colouring in my sofa and the other white walls in the house!

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Image from Mini Willa 2

Image from Mini Willa 3

I’m also falling in love with the idea of using faux wood wallpaper, since being inspired by these black and white children’s rooms images from Mini Willa. Traditionally, classic stripes or pretty flowers have mainly been used in nurseries and toddler rooms, however so many contemporary children’s wallpapers have been released lately that I’m spoilt for choice.

Image from ZARA styling April and May photography James Stokes 2

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I’m also struck by these inspirational images from the Zara look book, styled by April & May. Aren’t they divine? I think they’ve nailed it, both in their choice of wallpaper and in styling. After seeing these I’m definitely leaning towards a white paper with textured effect, to keep the Scandi feel. This would give me the opportunity to decorate on top of the wallpaper, which is something I’m particularly fond of doing – I don’t like wallpaper to just be a feature on its own.

Last weekend a young couple came into the Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor studio looking for wallpaper for their son’s nursery, and settled on a faux brick mural. The winner of our recent competition also used her faux brick mural wallpaper in her son’s room. I think they’re trying to tell me something!