In Detail

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I’m so intrigued by Swedish Stylist and Art Director Hans Blomkvist latest book In Detail which I recently picked up.

Hans unique and distinctive take on styling can be seen on every single page with his inspirational take on revealing the potential in even the humblest of objects (which I so love!)

The way Hans has used a branch to create a mood board is so inspiring and something    I love to do. The depth of texture in his styling where he cleverly used botanical illustrations and Japanese postcards is absolutely personal and beautiful isn’t it?

The book illustrates the elements Hans think are essential to a beautiful home by concentrating on the details, “Some people like to look at the bigger picture first but I’m the opposite I always start with a detail.” I like to do the same thing, using small elements as a starting point for creating a theme rather than starting with the bigger pieces. The elements he uses are often natural objects, plants, linen and rough surfaces. He believes that all these in combination with meaningful items are what make a home welcoming & personal and I couldn’t agree more.

When Hans styles, no matter if it’s for his home or in his work, getting the details right is the key to achieving the perfect look. For Hans the success of an entire room can hinge on one seemingly insignificant element which makes the whole room come to life and he has certainly nailed it.


All images scanned from Hans Blomquist’s new book In Detail published by Ryland Peters & Small.