Form and Function

Annaleena Leino Clothes Rails 1

Annaleena Leino Clothes Rails 2

I fell in love with freelance stylist and designer Annaleena’s hand-forged clothing racks the moment I saw them, and I’ve been meaning to order one ever since. The minimalism and versatility really appeal to me – they strike the balance of form and function perfectly.

Annaleena Clothes Rails Image 3

Annaleenas Clothes Rail 4

Annaleenas Clothes Rail 5

In particular, I’ve got my eye on the rectangle hanger, available in both black and white. Although I’m in a black phase at the moment, I’m leaning towards the white rectangle hanger for my bathroom, which is painted and wallpapered in white, and features an old cast-iron bath and white, beach-cottage-style basin cabinet. The hanger would blend in  magically, giving a white-on-white, textured effect – especially if I contrast it with a handtowel or item of clothing. This hanger is just perfect for my small bathroom – I can utilise the height and position the hanger without having to waste valuable wall space.

Annaleenas Clothes Rail 6

How clever is this circle hanger? I love the fact that these hangers are hung from the ceiling rather than the wall – it makes them much more versatile, tidier and child friendly than the traditional freestanding hangers! I’ll put one of these in Imogen’s room, as the ladders I usually use for displaying her/my favourite clothing are definitely not safe for a climbing toddler.

For my studio, I will use a few of the black rectangular hangers to drape long drops of wallpapers directly off their roll. I’m moving to a new studio space soon, which is blessed with fantastic high ceilings, so I’ll finally be able to show off my wallpapers as I’ve always wanted to. The rails will look fantastic in the industrial-style space, with its concrete floors and raw concrete ceiling.

We’re going to be stocking all three models of Annaleena’s hand-forged clothing racks here at Scandinavian Wallpaper and Décor very soon! They’re easily installed by using screws and hooks or a ceiling hook. We’re here to help with installation if you get stuck, of course!

Images from Annaleena’s Blog.