Imperfectly Perfect Home Styling

Stylist Annaleenas Home Photography Kristofer Johnsson Image 1

It might be the time of year, but just recently I’ve been looking for a little more for my interior design. I’m drawn to quirky and original home styling – a bit of sunshine on a rainy day! Perhaps that’s why this photo of freelance stylist and designer Annaleena’s ‘temporary home’ – an apartment in Stockholm – jumped out at me. It’s got the touch of quirkiness that so appeals to me.

I love how this brass lamp, a prototype of Annaleena’s own design, totally jumps out at you in this minimal, black-and-white space. Flooded with natural light, this stark white room is softened only by the rug. There’s a symmetry about this room that appeals to me, too: the black table with its carefully selected ornaments; the sheepskin draped over the sofa; the oversized black pot in the right window – all balanced out by the small black and white ornaments in the left window and the magazine holder hanging on the right wall. Did you think such seemingly simple home styling could actually be so clever and complex?

Stylist Annaleenas Home Photography Kristofer Johnsson Image 2

As casual and as effortless as it may seem, every element of Annaleena’s home is carefully selected and positioned, from the fan and the leather tote bag to the industrial-style clothes rack (which I will soon be stocking at Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor!). In any other home they may seem like clutter, but in this setting they are imperfectly perfect!

Stylist Annaleenas Home Photography Kristofer Johnsson Image 3

I love the way Annaleena uses contrast in her interiors to create interest by offsetting strong, sharp lines with soft, organic forms. She’s a strong believer in the ‘less is more’ ethos; not just because it looks good, but because it enables her to display the things she enjoys the most – and it’s easier to find things, too!

Annaleena recently joined Residence Magazine, and I’m looking forward to following her blog and getting a glimpse into her ever-changing home and exciting new projects.

Styling Annaleena Photography Kristofer Johnsson