A Life Less Cluttered

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Think of Scandinavian design, and what springs to mind is sleek, white minimalism. Which makes sense, as ‘minimalism’ as a design movement began in the Scandinavian countries in the 1950s.

Characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design is sometimes considered dull and lacking in personality – although I disagree, of course. Personally – and professionally – I naturally follow the ‘less is more’ motto in my styling and interior design.

When this design style is used in the correct way, the result is both striking and harmonious, creating a feeling of calmness and tranquillity. Although I must admit that I do sometimes tend to over-clutter with raw materials and textures as I am drawn to eclecticism as well as minimalism. More about eclecticism another time!

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What inspires me about minimalistic interiors is their understatement. A simple colour palette of black, white and/or grey, combined with raw, natural materials such as wood, concrete and wool, may look basic, but in fact has been created by someone incredibly skilled and talented.

One of my favourite stylists and bloggers, Pella Hedeby, has skilfully mastered this paired-back, Scandinavian style of minimalism. In her blog, Stil Inspiration, Pella shares all that inspires her in the way of interior design and architecture, including examples of her own work. Another blog, Hitta Hem, is where she and fellow interior designer Marie Ramse share more of their amazing projects.

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This apartment, styled by Pella and photographed by Kristofer Johansson, is an excellent example of a minimalistic space, full of personality. Warmth has been added by mixing different kinds of materials and using textured layers. Carefully chosen, contemporary pieces of furniture complement shaggy sheepskins. I also love the mood boards, black and white photographs, and statement lighting, which often feature in Pella’s work.

The result? A harmonious and well-balanced oasis, where light and dark hues illuminate the natural spectrum.