Northern Highlights


So here it is! After seven years of running Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor, and a lifetime of being inspired by beautiful interiors and creative people, it’s time for me to finally share my design inspirations and personal style with the world … when I’m not busy running my business or looking after my two young children, that is.


Naturally I am inspired by Scandinavian and Nordic designs, as that’s where my roots are. Scandinavia is well known as a hub of creative interior design talent. Perhaps it’s something to do with the lack of light and the cold temperatures, forcing people to stay indoors and transform their homes into something personal, functional and wonderful.


This living room from the super-talented (and Swedish, of course!) Lotta Agaton’s home captures what I think Scandinavian and Nordic Design is all about: light, bright and white, with clean lines and striking symmetry. Look at the  balance between the graphic white and black softened by natural leather and greeneries. The approach is formal but the end result is casually comfortable.


Photography by Pia Uhlin.
Stylist Lotta Agaton