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On Sunday I found myself in a strange situation. Jason had taken the children to see his mum and I was left with five-and-a-half hours all to myself. If you’re a parent, you’ll know how unusual this is. So what did I do with my day? Go to the gym, or perhaps to a day spa? No – I chose to spend my ‘day off’ painting my office. To be honest, I was in a bit of a ‘mood’, and decorating is the best form of therapy that I know!

My office needs a restyle to transform it back into a creative space. For the last few months it’s been a bit of a white-on-white dumping ground, packed with wallpaper samples, props and other bits and bobs from second-hand shops and markets. Add to that my magazines, postcards and photos and it’s ‘organised chaos’, which I must admit that I do find quite comforting at times. For inspiration I couldn’t go past these incredible images from Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard’s Studio in Copenhagen.

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The starting point with any room restyle is the walls. My office is the only room in my home that doesn’t have wallpaper – mainly because the paint I used when I first decorated the room had a sand finish, which I now know is impossible to wallpaper over. I haven’t let it beat me though! I’ve bought one of those ugly green doors from a warehouse, which I’ll cover with one of our magnetic wallpapers. Problem solved!

I’ve been obsessed with First Snow from Solvers Paint since I first came across it a few years ago, and was reminded of my obsession when I attended a fun workshop with Inside Out magazine recently. When my colleague Catherine pulled out a paint colour chart at work the other day she pointed out a lighter version of First Snow, which she’s using to decorate her newly built home. I was seriously tempted by this paint for my back room. It was more greyish-white than my current white colour and had that softness I really like.

But, with time at a premium, I went for the easier option: digging out the leftover paint from my last decorating ‘mood’. I think this was the right decision in the end, as using the same colour throughout the house has made it feel more connected.

Although my office was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint, I was a little time-optimistic and obviously didn’t get the job done before Jason returned from his mum’s with Imogen and Julius. Not surprisingly there’s no time for painting when they’re around!

I did, however also manage to swap Imogen’s room with my bedroom over the weekend (this is something I have been considering for a while!) so she’s now better connected to the living room. It was a great idea: she can run and play freely between the two rooms, and she’s dragging a lot more of her toys out to play with now, which is nice.

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With one completed project and another under way, I now have a bit of a problem, although quite a nice one! You could describe my home as a bit of a work-in-progress, with lots of projects started but none completed and styled to the level that I’d like them to be. Now that I have started I feel really inspired to keep going so I’ll just have to pack Jason and the kids off to Grandma’s again next weekend!

Images from Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard’s Studio in Copenhagen. Photographer Idha Lindhag